Our story began in March 2016 when we had a dream of opening up a local bakery to bring back the nostalgia of scratch made desserts. Neither of us are independently wealthy and we definitely didn't have a line of investors to help, so we had to be creative. We gathered up our recipes from our mothers and grandmothers and went to work.

We purchased an old delivery truck, turned it into a food truck and took our desserts to the masses. We went to every festival, farmer's market, private event and school function we could. 

Two years later we were offered an opportunity to team up with another store and share retail space in an effort to see if entering the retail market might be in our future. We loved every minute of it and in May 2019 we opened up Two Chicks Whisky Business Bakery & Cobbler Shop in Plainfield, IN. Never give up on your dream, even if it's not always perfectly planned. 

So, our story continues; however it isn't to seek the title of being the biggest name in desserts but to be the best. If several years from now your children and grandchildren are still reminiscing about their favorite dessert from Two Chicks Whisky Business Bakery.......then we did it right!

Love -

Rhonda & Paige - Owners